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Construction and Oilfield Lease Site Lighting.

Light tower at nightProject schedules can't always accommodate the sun. Capable of illuminating the largest night time construction project, the MAG - Helios mobile light tower is the next generation of mobile site lighting. Going beyond the traditional light tower, the Helios projects up to 27,000 watts of light safely from the edge of your project area, eliminating the hassle of maintaining multiple smaller light towers.

FracWorx light towers light up to 10 – 12 acres with 27000 illuminated watts, running 60kvw generator with 500L double wall fuel containment. We are able to run the tower and three wellsite shacks at the same time. Each light unit has 2000L double wall fuel vault. Each fuel vault also has a transfer pump for fueling other equipment.

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#1 In Stadium Light Towers

80 foot Stadium Light Towers

60 KVA Shindaiwa generators


4000L Fuel Vault

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